Kid Robot

Kid Robot

Sometimes it’s hard to get kids motivated to keep up with weekday routines and chores. Instead of nagging for the umpteenth time “go clean your room” or “brush your teeth” (I cringe when I hear myself), take the playful approach and program the KID ROBOT. Stand behind them and wind them up (making a funny cranking sound) spin them around a few times (pushing pretend buttons on body while making beeping sounds) and program what they need to do—clean up toys, set table, etc.

Finally, push the ON button (nose or anywhere else that will get a laugh) to put the robot in motion. If they start to drag just say, “Ooops! Looks like you need a recharge” and ZAP them with a tickle “power surge.” For extra speed,  set a timer and challenge the robot to complete their mission in a finite amount of time. Domo arigato, Kid Roboto!