yummico is a new kind of children’s media company.  We’re media veterans and parents who want to make sticky, entertaining media for kids that’s also safe and value added.  Seeing our own kids interacting with media on mobile devices as well as watching it on TV, we decided to start a company which made media we could trust, that our kids would love. Thus, yummico was born.  We call it delicious media that’s good and good for you.  And we want to be your ally in this rapidly changing media landscape.


Traci Paige Johnson

Traci Paige Johnson is the creator of Blues Clues, Nickelodeon’s acclaimed children’s franchise ($1bn merchandising business) known for its pioneering visual style and activity-based pedagogy. Traci also co-created PBS’ hit preschool reading show Super Why!. She oversees yummico’s creative vision and curriculum.


Caroline Baron

Caroline Baron is an Oscar-nominated feature film producer (Capote, Monsoon Wedding) and was also the Associate Producer of the original TV hit series The Wonder Years. Caroline is the Founder of FilmAid International, an aid organization whose mission is to educate and inform through media (www.filmaid.org). She spearheads fundraising at yummico, as well as overseeing production and writing childrenʼs books.


Bob Mowen

Bob Mowen is a director, cinematographer, and visual effects creator for commercials, broadcast design and film. His short films have played at the Sundance, Telluride, and Tribeca Film Festivals – and at many festivals around the world. Bob is responsible for digital design at yummico and oversees creative implementation and animation.


Anthony Weintraub

Anthony Weintraub is a feature film writer, director, and producer. He recently adapted the Japanese comic book Tekkonkinkreet to the screen, which won the Japanese Academy Award for Best Animated Film, and adapted the bestselling novel Bel Canto, soon to be a major motion picture. He is head of story at yummico and spearheads research and development.