Welcome to Yummiloo!

Yummiloo is a food adventure series designed to expose preschoolers to healthy eating through irresistible characters, stories and games. A wonder-filled land composed entirely of food, Yummiloo excites and delights kids, while setting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Yummiloo is a parent’s ally – making food fun, giving children the tools and encouragement they need to make healthy choices, all while keeping them smiling and singing along. Yummiloo gives “playing with your food” a whole new meaning.

“You and your child will savor this magical feast of fun and adventure that sets the stage for a lifetime of eating well!”

– Kathie Madonna Swift, MS RD LDN
, Integrative Medical Nutritionist


Yummiloo is home to the Yum Yums, a band of happy sprite-like creatures who tend to the land and enjoy its bounty. Their imagination knows no bounds, as they live amongst the fruit of the earth in happy harmony.


Every day ends with a big feast around the town tree table. The Yum Yums talk about their adventures and celebrate their yumminess!

Meet the Yum Yums!

Yummiloo is home to the Yum Yums, a band of happy sprite-like creatures who tend to the land and enjoy its bounty. Their imagination knows no bounds, as they live amongst the fruit of the earth in happy harmony.


Rooty Yum

Rooty Yum comes with his feet firmly planted on the ground. Ever curious, but always the pragmatist, Rooty has an eye for adventure and a measured approach to problem solving. Rooty is a kind friend who brings out the best in everyone.



Red Yum

Full of get up and go, Red Yum is up for anything. Often the one who gets his friends into trouble, Red has little concern for rules and doesn’t pay enough attention to what others have taught him. This is a recipe for disaster, especially when Red forgets to eat, or eats the wrong things. Then he turns into a meanie. Nothing a snack can’t fix!



Plum Yum

Plum Yum is slightly older than the others and brings a more mature outlook to the table. A super taster and food adventurer, Plum loves Yummiloo and knows everything anyone could know about it. She’s also a font of information about fruits, vegetables – and how they grow.


Yogi Yum

Yogi Yum is a cool customer, that model of calm everyone needs in a friend (even when one of his pals tries to lick him!). A true free spirit, Yogi is forever commenting on the beauty of the world around him. He teaches mindfulness and how breathing can help in stressful situations.


Bun Yum

Bun Yum is cute and plump, and as soft as a dough boy. He’s always asking how things are made, and he’ll often try to get the others to stick around to take something apart.

Rainbow Power App

Introducing the first Yummiloo app, Rainbow Power!

Join the Yum Yums as they head to their annual carnival, but the Rainbow Machine that powers the carnival is empty. Harvest as many different colored foods as possible to get the Yummiloo carnival working again!

In this food-based educational game, kids learn the basics of food identification and nutritional curriculum through fun and dynamic gameplay.

During gameplay, children harvest fruits and vegetables from a magical garden, dragging them into a cart and loading the Rainbow Machine. Each food is identified as it is put in the cart, teaching children basic food identification. Little ones are introduced to a compost bin for spoiled foods, making room for more ‘fresh’ foods as the spoiled ones are removed. Once each level is attained, the Yum Yums celebrate and the Rainbow Machine tries to start up.


After five colored carts have been filled, the Rainbow Machine runs on full power, unleashing the Carnival rides and a Yum Yum party. The Yum Yums are soon transported to the town table, where they enjoy their own rainbow colored foods. Our Narrator reinforces what they’ve just learned – that filling their bodies with different colored foods goes a long way to giving us the energy and nutrients we need to live happy and abundant lives.


Watch the demo from yummico co-founder Traci Paige Johnson!

Healthy Eating – Why Rainbow Power?

Yummiloo shows and games feature irresistible characters and dynamic gameplay while simultaneously helping kids set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating. In the Yummiloo Rainbow Power game, kids help the Yum Yums get their carnival running by powering up the Rainbow Machine, a huge generator that runs on different colored foods. The Yummiloo narrator says, “just like it takes all the colored foods to power the rainbow machine, it takes all the colored foods to power you.”


The Rainbow Power concept, also known as ‘Eating A Rainbow,’ is based on the fact that different colored fruits and vegetables have different vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy, so eating fruits and veggies in a variety of colors supplies kids with a broad range of nutrients. Kids love variety, and it’s certainly fun for the eyes!


The color of each fruit and vegetable is created by phyto-chemicals that benefit the human body in different ways. Along with moderate levels of the essential mineral manganese, vitamin C, vitamin K and dietary fiber, blueberries provide a healthy dose of phyto-nutrients, helping to lower the levels of bad cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, as well as potentially reducing the risk of heart disease.

Healthy Living the Yummiloo Way!

Yummiloo Tips

The Yum Yums celebrate the fruit of the earth, offering kids lots of fun ways to make this their healthiest year yet:

· Yummiloo Rainbow Power app – Learn all about the importance of eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables with our award-winning game app.

· Tips and Activities (below) – Download the tips and activities below that encourage healthy eating for the whole family.

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Healthy Tips

Yummiloo Activity Pages

For some fun offline, try these two activities – one at the supermarket, and one at home.
With ‘Build A Rainbow’ kids can try collecting a rainbow basket of food to match your grocery list, and even try to find them in the correct ‘color order.’

In ‘Find It,’ kids have to search and find things in the Land of Yummiloo – even fruit floating in the Great Smoothie River!